I am my own person 👸
I am an aethist and have no patience for any religious rituals and customs.🙈🙉🙊🐵
But love seeing others participate in festivals with joy and fervour.🔔
I dont care about the jibes and the snide remarks passed after my friends and extended family members realise , I dont have a separate place for the Gods in my lovely house.🏫
But that doesn’t mean I dont love or admire the elaborate and beautiful pooja rooms I see.
As long as I am sticking to my principles of staying away from religious activity and festivals, I am fine with whatever is…

Thomas Cromwell (c. 1485–1540) was an English statesman, 1st Earl of Essex, and chief minister of King Henry VIII.

Recently I have been watching ‘The Tudors’ The TV series which details the fascinating but despotic rule Of Henry VIII.

King Henry VIII has captured lot of attention amongst the Tudor dynasty as he had six Queens.

Two of them were executed and one Queen after Henry annulled his marriage to her, became his sister.

The historians have focused a lot of attention on King Henry VIII for obvious reasons, but during his reign there were many other powerful but selfish…

The most important pastime or if I may correct the most important way to get visibility today is the WhatsApp status update .
Everyone seems to love updating whatsapp status .
As long as it is harmless gyaan , selfies or business promotion , its doesn't really matter.
But now a days , lot of people put political or some flagrantly divisive status .
This seems to have increased and every one seems to carry their political and religious affinity on their sleeves.
Seeing all these malicious and provocative status, I started wondering and this blog is a result of it .
Have we always been…

I and hubby
Sunday evening
I Let’s go to marine drive
Hubby - Traffic will be bad, let’s chill at home.
I with a melodramatic look, whole week I have not gone out.
Hubby hastily okay okay let’s go.
At around 5 in the rickety creaking Santro, I dressed to kill and hubby with a bored look on our way.
Police nakabandi delays entourage to marine drive
Hubby huffing and puffing
I say let’s have Rustoms sandwich ice-cream
Hubby after 2 ice-cream cool and calm.
With cool air and bevy of beauties spotted at start of marine drive, hubby in…

It's been 4 years since the dreadful day when my mother suddenly passed away.

Though she was unwell, it was a shock her passing away.

She went to take a nap in the afternoon perfectly good, and never woke up.

I have tried to process this loss for last 4 years but still feel clueless about how to handle my grief, sorrow , pain, dejection, despondance, in short this gloomy sadness which keeps on enveloping me.

When I got a call saying my mother was in some problem, I rushed and the next few hours were a blip

Didn't realise…

I am a fun loving woman who is absolutely convinced that this universe is one

We all humans were and are made equal.

We might have different nationalities, different cultures, different colors, different religions, different genders, financial backgrounds.

But we are at the forefront one huge mass of humanity .

All diverse but uniform in the sense that we all need love, care and affection .

We all crave for peace, money, family, stability, progress and growth in our lives.

If we are so all uniform as to our expectations from life , then why so much strife, so much…

Date — 14/12/2020

6th of Dec came and went

Babri Masjid

The mainstream media or the cacophonous social media noticed it.

It’s been exactly 28 years when the goons and mob egged on by politicians destroyed a heritage structure and razed it to the ground.

This article is not about whether a mosque was bought down.

This article is not BJP growth since then.

This article is not about the Hindu Muslims riots which followed this incident.

This article is not about Mumbai bombing following this episode.

This article is not about how Congress appeasement policy since Independence led to discontent and…

It's been more than 100 days since this catastrophe called Covid 19 hit us.
A pandemic in the form of Spanish Flu of this magnitude was experienced almost 100 years ago in 1918.
Spanish flu caused havoc and left trail of death of the enormity which the world had not seen before.
But the world 100 years back was very different from what it is today .
Today the distances between continents and people are just a plane ride or a video call away.
Large organizations are multi dimensional and multi continental based.
We are more interdependent on each other and the flow of good…

Yesterday afternoon when we all got numb with grief after we heard the sad news of a young and a talented actor /celebrity whose life enthralled us.

For the last 8 years since Sushant Rajput began his ascent into stardom, we all followed every aspect of his life.

His successes, his love life, his breakup.

Today someone forwarded on Whatsapp a 4 - minute video of Sushant taking his fans for a virtual trial of his house.

We saw and even forwarded the heartwrenching photos of a dead Sushant whose eyes were half-open.

It is sickening the level of our…

Knock Knock Knock

Its been 90 days no one has let fresh air in for me.

This virus apart from streaking havoc on mankind has also changed my life.

90 days, the lady of this house (that temperamental hormonal femme fatale), where the hell is SHE?

The one who would hover over me, who used to constantly pull out clothes from the hangers and make it untidy.

Her day used to start early.

6 am she used to say Good morning to me and pull out her workout attire

Every day she would wear different dry-fit tees with matching tracks…

Surekha Kulkarni

I am a entrepreneur by profession but writing is my hobby. I love writing on current affairs, world happening's, and also love to write about my quirky life

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