I am a fun loving woman who is absolutely convinced that this universe is one

We all humans were and are made equal.

We might have different nationalities, different cultures, different colors, different religions, different genders, financial backgrounds.

But we are at the forefront one huge mass of humanity .

All diverse but uniform in the sense that we all need love, care and affection .

We all crave for peace, money, family, stability, progress and growth in our lives.

If we are so all uniform as to our expectations from life , then why so much strife, so much vileness, so much hatred, so much feeling of othering?

Why is it that in the last so much centuries we have never really had peace and equality for all?

Why is it that countries fight against each other to protect every inch of their border ?

Why are same country fellows at each other throats and kill and maim each other under the name of religion, caste, language and so many other causes?

Is it not paradoxically that human beings are at times bestial creatures and at the same time capable of immense act of kindness to total strangers.

These contradictory and inconsistent human behavior fascinate and alternatively disturb me

We Indians specially are so enigmatic that to solve the conundrum of our nation, states , value systems, culture will not be something which can be solved anytime I feel.

The more we feel monochromatic the more the diversity in our midst hits us.

And it just takes a cricket match or some crisis when we all forget our so called differences and show our actual character and strength

Since ages all different spring sources have tried to divide and create chasms, partition and separation between mankind .

They have been more than successful and hence so many world wars, terrorist attacks, religious strife and border skirmishes which happen almost on a daily scale.

But the inherent strength of human mind and brain is what is keeping us afloat .

The phenomenal progress made in science, technology , medicine, space and so many other fields has led to more openness and concept of one people one world.

The more the divided the world has become, the striking reality is that today all our destinies are intertwined like never before. This harsh but factual reality has been bought out by the ravaging covid19 pandemic for the last 12 months .

Cant we all accept this maybe bitter or harsh reality for some that we are all only homosapiens and that’s the only category we all belong .

I am a entrepreneur by profession but writing is my hobby. I love writing on current affairs, world happening's, and also love to write about my quirky life